34th st. Corner Set to be Demolished with Lawsuit Pending

Sooner than you think nobody will be able to differentiate between the skyline above with the skyline below 34th st.

According to DNAinfo, Extell Development Company has filed plans to demolish the SE corner of E.34th st. and 3rd ave. to make may for a 13 story high rise. The corner currently houses the Cinema Cafe the decades old Italian Restaurant La Giara, Blockheads Burritos and a hostel like lodge. At least one of the tenants just signed a two year lease this past January.

According to the Real Deal the hotel owner who signed a two year lease this January filed a lawsuit against the developer in New York Supreme Court yesterday.

The area from E.34th st. to E.14th seems to be booming with development or destruction, depending on who you ask.

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