Gem Saloon to replace Rodeo Bar on January 4


According to the new owners the Gem Saloon which is replacing the long running Rodeo Bar will be opening on January 4, 2017. The honky tonk restaurant live music venue Rodeo Bar stood at the corner of E.27th and 3rd for 23 years until Buchbinder and Warren raised their monthly rent to an impossible $57,000 a month! The building has been vacant for over 2 years. The new owners wouldn’t specify the new rent agreement, only that it’s nowhere in the ballpark of $57,000.

The new Gem Saloon will have similar food choices to the other businesses they own further downtown. The Penny Farthing and Phebe’s located in the East Village which cater to a young Murray Hill type crowd. Like the Santa Con crowd. So it makes sense that they’re opening this place right in the heart of the area where their clientele resides.

The restaurant will be serving food on two floors. There will be two bars and a DJ will be playing music weekends in the area where the Rodeo Bar hosted live music.

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  1. Another Santa Con bar.
    Too there’s bad no more live music in Kips Bay.
    Just another TV pub in the cultural wasteland Kips Bay had become.
    And another kitchen full of French fries and Buffalo wings. Yuck.
    I used to go to Rodeo to eat, drink and listen to music. The new owners are not going to attract the many people in the neighborhood and all over NYC who are starved for nightly live music.
    Everyone who is interested in music goes downtown.
    I guess the “Gem” will garner money for the owners. There are already dozens of mediocre pubs in the area with big TV’s.
    Thanks for adding nothing new.

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