Bhatti: A Taste of India

Walking down Lex. in the 20’s you have your pick of Indian Restaurants. Vegetarian. Kosher. You name it. One of our favorites is a place called Bhatti, located on the northwest corner of 27th and Lex.

Owner Gaurav Anand serves some of the best curry on Lex.

We often feast on Paneer Tikka Masala with grilled cubes of cottage cheese. Also a stuffed potato appetizer called Bhunney Aloo Ke Kulhey. Say that quickly three times!

The waiter always remembers our order.

No liquor license. So it’s BYOB!

Enjoy Bhatti kebabs in your apartment, you can have it delivered through Seamless.  

They open at noon daily and close at 11pm  (12pm Thurs-Sat).

Give it a try and tell them the Kips Bay Corner sent you.

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