Rodeo Bar to Reopen with New Owners!


The owners of East Village bars Phebe’s and the Penny Farthing will be reopening the Rodeo Bar. This is great news for local residents who feared another corner high rise.

The property located on the Northeast corner of E.27th and 3rd was once Buchbinder’s Bar (realtor Buchbinder and Warren still owns the property) before becoming part of the 1980’s chain restaurant Albuquerque Eats, then 25 years ago the Rodeo Bar.

The Rodeo Bar was one of the longest continuously operating businesses in the Murray Hill/Kips Bay neighborhood until their rent increased to $56,000 a month. As a result of the rent increase the bar closed suddenly in August of 2014. With it’s free live music, peanuts and honky tonk atmosphere the Rodeo Bar was popular with locals and tourists alike.

Derek Kierans one of the new owners taking over the lease is friends with NBA legend Steve Nash. Nash is often spotted at Kiernans other downtown establishments.

No word on a date when the bar will be reopening.

4 Comments on Rodeo Bar to Reopen with New Owners!

  1. Hi I’m the previous owner of Rodeo and no one has contacted me about using my name, so I think you’re premature to announce that.

  2. Just because no one’s using your name doesn’t mean it’s not true. No one mentioned the previous owners of Smiths when Skip Panatierre reopened that. People these days are interested in the future, not the past, and I for one am quite hopeful. As a long time customer and friend to many of the musicians, I’d love to see this happen, as long as they can keep to some extent the format you had. I’ll definitely be contacting Derek, as I would love to rent the place for a record release party in May.

  3. I don’t think they have plans to use your name and, unfortunately, the format either.
    Looks like it will be another burger and fries place with giant TVs.
    No live bands mentioned in their plans.

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