David Bowie Cremated in Murray Hill?

Ziggy’s last stop Murray Hill?

The word around Kips Bay is that on January 10th immediately after music icon David Bowie died his remains were cremated at Direct Cremation located at 152 E. 28th st. The area which seems like an entire universe away from Bowie’s SoHo pad is home to celebrity columnist Michael Musto. It’s only a 10 minute drive from Bowie’s SoHo apartment. The crematory is eerily directly next door to the apartment where the infamous 1982 E.T. Murder had taken place, a story which was recently covered  by DNA Info.  

Although Bowie’s cremation at this location is not confirmed many residents are concerned that crowds of fans that will be clogging the block similar to what’s happening at Bowie’s former downtown apartment.

David Bowie’s ashes will be scattered over a private mountain retreat in New York’s Catskill Mountains.




Visiting Coney Island? 

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